Our Leadership Team

Every great company is driven by great leadership, and every great team is well balanced and diverse, with each member having a different yet complementary set of skills to achieve the mission’s objective. Our leadership team is no different.

Dan Anderson

Principal and Chief Data Scientist

Dan is our chief geek. He’s an obsessive problem solver, is wildly curious, has a knack for the details and has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit his entire life. He worked in big corporate America for 15 years building analytics systems with big data, and making sense of it all with elegant, simple tools for stakeholders of all levels and functional areas. His favorite aspect of analytics is data fusion (bringing it all together) and he’s passionate about using the combination of art and science to achieve excellence in design for the user experience.

Richard Grant

Principal and Chief Business Officer

Rick is a serial entrepreneur, with extensive experience leading companies in achieving exceptional growth through the use of efficient data analysis, process improvement, and leadership acumen. Rick has led projects of multiple scale ($20k-$500M) for leading companies around the globe across multiple industries. Throughout his career he believes the one common thread that unites all industries and all companies, regardless of size, is data. He is committed to providing all of his clients actionable data that advances their business and allows them to make informed decisions.