Compalytics – A Division of Adaptalytics

According to a national survey, more than eight out of ten corporations are dissatisfied with how they manage their compensation plans and processes. The top three complaints?

  1. Too much redundant paper
  2. Time wasted on producing reports and chasing managers
  3. Errors and mistakes due to over processing

Trust us, we’ve seen it all and these are common complaints regardless of size or sophistication of compensation processes. Add to that security concerns from passing along email with excel files containing sensitive data, lack of flexibility of system SW, lack of real time budget and allocation tracking’s, and of course lack of workflows and digital acceptances.

WHY do you want to invest in another SW product? More cost, more maintenance, more training, more confusion!! At Adaptalytics we turn what’s already a commonly implemented component in your IT infrastructure into a wild fun, easy to use, and flexible compensation tool. We’ve had publicly traded companies as well leading NGOs implement this strategy and they LOVE it. And we are confident you will too!

What customers LOVE about our solution:

  • Created in-house to your exact specifications
  • Custom dashboards and reports
  • Customizable business rules and calculations
  • Customizable planning calculations, columns and behaviors
  • Configurable user permissions with custom roles
  • Its already likely part of your infrastructure!

Look at our video embedded here and contact us now to see how we can configure the MOST FLEXIBLE and MOST CUSTOMIZABLE compensation system that we are confident you and your users will love.