About Us

Adaptalytics is a leading data analytics firm focused, dedicated and committed to providing our clients actionable insights from their data. We typically engage in answering two types of questions for our clients.


Client: “How can I develop sound analysis about my current business in order to maximize efficiencies?

These may be reports, these may be insights, and the solutions all include bringing data sets together to provide best practice solutions to our clients.


Client: “I have a theory/hypothesis that our recruiting process is not predicting top performer outcomes with regularity – can we prove this? Even better, can we develop a model/process that will predict top performers during the recruiting process?

Our clients want to know how they can use data to make quantum leap differences in their business. In order to do this, our clients must have the theories and we can assist them in proving or disproving these, and furthermore develop a system that really does make a quantum difference to them!