We’re a small consulting firm headquartered in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, specializing in both strategic data consulting, as well as hands-on data analytics.

Our formal description:
We’re comprised of analytical professionals that have the perfect balance of technical proficiency, creative ability and business acumen to extract value from virtually any data set. Our staff have worked on projects in various industries such as government contracting, financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, commercial airlines, and sports (both player analysis as well as fan interaction and purchasing price points), just to name a few.

Our not-so-formal description:
We have a handful of creative thinkers and artists that have exceptional quantitative abilities who thrive in dynamic environments and who naturally love solving problems and chasing that “ah-ha” moment that’s achieved in data discovery and investigation. Our favorite analogy is that we are the wailing rock guitar soloist who can not only play fast and accurately, but who can create beautiful melodies that extract emotion and draw the listener in, all while having a complete understanding of the underlying mathematical music theory and its precise application; we’re the perfect balance of art and science that’s needed to find solutions with your data.