Reporting & Insights:

Through an upfront process that includes current process evaluations, current data compilations, current reporting mechanisms, and definition of current goals, we seek to learn everything we can about our client’s business, service area and current landscape. We then map out future goals, future needs and the actionable insights needed to track, measure and advance the business forward. Once we have this, we let our data artisans go to work. Believe us, it’s not all science and data – you need and you want consultants who can learn, see an end goal, and create that path forward for you to achieve your best results. This is a blend of art and science. We will provide our clients the KPI’s, the reports, and the insights needed to bridge them to their future goals, and we will provide it to them in an easy to understand and maintainable manner.

Forecasts & Modeling:

Many of our clients want to forecast out trends, predict actions of the future based on probable analysis, and play the “what if game” with their critical business data. We thrive on helping our clients forecast, predict and ultimately make sound business decisions on algorithmic model outputs.

Custom Analytics Shop

Sometimes our clients want to solve very custom problems. We aren’t selling off the shelf, one size fits all services at Adaptalytics. We understand our clients have unique business with unique issues. We put these requests into our custom bespoke offerings. You tell us what you want to do, and we’ll tell you how to do it and if it can be achieved. Remember, we’re here to make sure our clients achieve clear, tangible and measurable results that will drive actions and decisions that they didn’t have insight into prior to engaging us.