We offer two primary services:

  • Informational Consulting
  • Applied Analytical Consulting

Informational Consulting:
Client:I want to develop better analytics in my business and I think I have the right people and tools to do it – I just need you to tell me the best way to do it, industry best practices, training required, what to watch out for, etc.” The deliverable for this kind of work is typically working sessions with your functional and team leads, as well as written recommendations (PDF) on how to implement and achieve your desired goal.

Applied Analytical Consulting:
Client:I have a business problem and need technical assistance solving it. I believe I have the data to solve my problem but I don’t know how to do it and I don’t have the staff to do it – I need your staff to help me solve my business problem using my data.” The deliverable for this kind of work is typically quantifiable answers to your questions in the form of Dashboards or stand-alone reports. Sometimes the deliverable can be an algorithm or integrated product that continues to run and update on your systems in your IT environment, well after we’ve completed the consulting session.