Dayforce Services

Reporting & Analytics

So, you’ve successfully implemented Dayforce and need to establish and manage the business itself now, novel concept right? At Adaptalytics we have consultants skilled in Dayforce Reporting and Power BI (natively embedded in Dayforce). We can design and implement the reports you need to effectively manage your business.

In addition, we have created analytics, dashboards, surveys, and more to meet our client needs. Systems are great enablers but we all know that everyone from front line managers to business leaders need data and information to make timely decisions. As we say to our clients all the time, don’t forget the reports!

From Strategic all the way down to tactical, here are some examples of what we’ve built for clients:

  • Executive Enterprise Dashboards (Hires, Terms, Turnover)
  • Strategic Initiative Dashboards
  • Line Business Leader Dashboards with custom metrics catered to their business
  • Manager Dashboards (Strategic)
  • Manager Reports (Tactical)
  • Supervisor Dashboards & Reports
  • HR-Functional Reports & Dashboards:
    • Recruiting
    • Onboarding
    • Benefits
    • Time & Attendance
    • Payroll
    • Learning & Development
    • Compensation
    • Performance
    • Succession
    • Engagement (Surveys)