What Makes us Special:

You may be asking yourself this very question. A few things differentiate us from our competition

We’re straight shooters. While we are offering highly technical services to our clients, we always keep it simple. In fact, we hate the “sexy” industry jargon and technical mumbo-jumbo you may hear in the market. What you should be asking yourself is, big data or small data, large project or small project, what are my goals, are they achievable for a reasonable investment, and who can walk me through it and truly partner with me to get me a CLEAR, UNDERSTANDABLE and ACTIONABLE outcome? The answer: Adaptalytics.

We provide immediate value. That’s right, we’ve been in that conference room ourselves, when your executive team says “I need this analysis and these reports, in this time frame, and this is CRITICAL to our business!” And the response back is “we don’t have the knowledge or the internal resource capacity to do that.” Four to six months later you’re still searching for that external someone, the analysis hasn’t been done, and everyone’s frustrated as all-you know what. Call us! Talk to us! We can likely do the work and do it for far less money than sourcing and hiring the proverbial needle in the haystack resource. We’ll give you actionable outcomes, in a faster time frame, for less money, than you could hire someone.

We are adaptable- it’s in our name! Whether it’s a small project (say under $10k) or a large one, we’re there for you. We have a unique pricing model where the more you use us for repeatable projects, the less we charge you! Doesn’t it bother you that if you engage a firm for 2 years and the project work is repeatable and similar in nature that they charge more in year 2 than they did in year 1? Shouldn’t they be getting more efficient, using lessons learned and applying analytics to their own business, to run smarter and more efficiently? We do. Adaptalytics is an adaptable company and its reflected in our longer-term pricing models.

We love what we do. Really, truly, and sincerely. Just don’t call us data scientists (or do we’ll still answer), we prefer artisans. Our staff loves what they do. We want to help our clients achieve their goals. The data science field is growing, and changing, and evolving every day. Our folks can help you achieve your goals. That we’re sure of.